Head Service Crane

ProEn’s customer required a new head service crane to assist in the replacement of nuclear reactor vessel closure heads. Crews performing head replacement position their work platform with the crane at the head controls, drive mechanisms and coils are removed, racked and then reassembled when the new head is installed.

The new crane frees up scheduling demands on the polar crane and allows head replacement operations to carry on independently. ProEn engineers provided the complete design of a 2 ton jib crane up to 80 ft. tall which can mount onto the flange of the head and into three of its closure stud holes. Equipped with a 13 ft. boom, crews are able to perform operations across the head quickly with ample space and capacity to complete their tasks.

With the new jib crane in place, critical path time for head replacements has been reduced by 60% to 80% for varied assignments.

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