Beyond The RFP

A Showcase of ProEn Engineered Solutions

ProEn specializes in taking on our customers’ most challenging problems and developing novel solutions from initial concept to final delivery. Before the plans are drawn, before the elements are sourced, before the RFP is issued – give the problem to ProEn!  

This section of our website introduces just a few of ProEn’s past successes. Come back soon to see what’s new at ProEn, and what’s new in your industry!

Head Service Crane for Nuclear Power Generation

Self-powered Transfer Car for Steel Mill Materials Transfer

480-ton Intake Gantry Crane for Hydroelectric Power Generation

Fuel Cell Prototype Support for Fuel Cell Power Generation

Delta 4 Platform Tie Downs for Aerospace Launch Facility

Electro-Mechanical Service Lift for Transit Trams & Buses Maintenance

Transportable Spanner Bridge