Tie Downs For Delta IV Rocket Platform

Delta IV Tie DownsTo facilitate the construction and maintenance of the Delta IV rocket, ProEn’s customer required a solution to secure the launch site’s moveable service tower. The tower locks down in two positions: on the launch pad and also in the “service position”.

ProEn designed a set of laminate-construction tie-down pads with integral gravity locks tested under simulations to withstand hurricane forces. The gravity levers are continuously engaged, and are fitted with heavy-duty hydraulic lifts to raise the locks when the service building must be moved.

Originally planned with cast pads, ProEn collaborated with a trusted fabrication specialist to develop the laminated solution. Laminating the large pads greatly simplified the fabrication process, resulting in a significant saving of time and costs. To verify the system’s security under all wind and load conditions, ProEn simulated the laminations in the pad construction in detail, including stresses on all connecting welds.

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