Engineered Solutions For The Transportation Industry

ProEn’s engineering team is a proven source of specialized devices and systems for maintenance fixtures and service structures required for handling of heavy transportation equipment including street trams, buses and locomotives. We are among the industry’s most experienced team in heavy lifting and conveyor systems for overhead and ground-based applications as well as purpose-built fixtures for swapping out heavy undercarriages and wheeled bogies. Our multidisciplinary approach allows us to apply this experience to explore new possibilities in materials and structures leading to stronger, lighter, more efficient and safer solutions.

Electro-Mechanical Service Lift

Recognizing the potential environmental hazard posed by below-grade hydraulics, ProEn’s customer commissioned the design of a new service lift for its maintenance garage. <more>


IMAGE TO COMETransportable Spanner Bridge

To facilitate delivery of 150-ton loads over rural roads servicing remote power facilities, ProEn designed a transportable bridge that can quickly telescope across spans up to 80 ft., providng increased load capacity over existing bridges. <more>