Engineered Solutions For Power Generation Industries

The ProEn engineering team takes pride in its many strong relationships throughout the varied sectors of the power generation industry. Our multidisciplinary capabilities plus our extensive experience in highly regulated industries provides us with the knowledge and processes to ensure the highest levels of safety and reliability in many energy-related fields.

Nuclear power: ProEn engineers have supported many projects in material handling, service applications and fixed steel structures required for containment buildings. Along with engineering studies and mechanical design, we provide detail work for buildings, structural columns, catwalks and walkways in compliance with special needs to sustain seismic forces and to operate safely in nuclear environments.

Hydroelectric power: ProEn has provided design reviews, FEA testing and construction drawings in numerous projects for the US Army Corps of Engineers. Our experience with heavy lift and structural solutions for operation and maintenance of dam facilities includes familiarity with varied code compliances required for all jurisdictions.

Clean Coal production: The ProEn team has contributed to numerous projects for clean burning of subsurface coal including the development of test equipment and material handling devices used in large-scale prototypes as well as components for lab testing.

Fuel cell technology: ProEn has taken an ongoing support role in the design of test fixtures and prototype equipment for load testing and safety measures required for commercialization of this emerging technology. 

The unique combination of experience within the ProEn team provides insight into a variety of complex load conditions and environmental factors. Our detailed knowledge of existing standards allows us to explore new possibilities in materials and structures to support the growing need for “green” innovation in the energy sector.

Head Service Crane

ProEn’s customer required a new head service crane and work platform to improve the critical path time for crews replacing vessel closure heads in a nuclear reactor. <more>

IMAGE TO COME480-Ton Intake Gantry Crane

ProEn’s customer commissioned the analysis and drawings for three 160 ton trolleys, gantry structure, gantry drives including equalizing trucks to allow synchronized lifts of three gates at a hydroelectric dam. <more>

Fuel Cell Prototype Hardware Design

ProEn was commissioned to provide a high level of expertise in the design of ASME-rated pressure vessels and piping to support the development of custom test fixtures and apparatus of new fuel cell technology. <more>