Engineered Solutions For The Iron & Steel Industry

ProEn is staffed by one of the industry’s most experienced teams in mill-duty material handling applications. We have provided analysis and drawings for many highly specialized transfer cars, buggies and tables with capacities ranging from a few tons up to 325 tons.

Along with our work on varied conveyor types and containers, our staff has developed a comprehensive range of lifting devices and controls for all mill and service center processes. Our past portfolio includes all types of coil grabs, roll changers, up-enders, and customized lifters for moving any metal stock including plates, billets, slabs, bars, and tubular material.

Our experience with material handling devices is complemented by our thorough knowledge of mill requirements for service platforms and safety structures. ProEn will provide engineering for all connections, beams and welds based on architectural load specifications, and will supply drawings for the design arrangement and construction of these structures

As part of our services for modernizing current facilities, ProEn will reverse-engineer oversize components, drums and ancillary equipment to replace large castings with more cost-effective weldments.

Our multidisciplinary approach to every project allows us to apply the full scope of our experience to explore new possibilities in materials and structures leading to stronger, lighter, more efficient and safer solutions.

IMAGE TO COMESelf-Powered Transfer Car

Our customer’s steel facility required a ladle car capable of travelling between two buildings along a curved track with no shared power lines. <more>